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Microsoft ® Windows and Visio ®

I am an independent software vendor in Hampshire, southern England, I used to work under the company name of Sandrila Ltd but I now work privately. Whan the company was formed in 1982 I initially wrote software for the engineering and defence industries including many blue-chip companies. I now create and sell a range of software products. The first Windows software product was released in 1992 (Diacrit) and I have created Visio products since 2002.
  • Visio stencils for electronics and electrical engineering
  • Visio stencils for software engineering
  • Visio stencils for process engineering
  • Tools and utilities

Our main Visio software products

Electronics for Visio

Electrical for Visio

Electronics Chip Packages for Visio

CMOS logic chips for Visio

Visio stencils containing all the shapes you need for creating electronics diagrams. 1266 shapes in 74 stencils. Visio shapes for all your domestic, industrial and power electrical diagramming needs. 616 shapes in 38 stencils. Visio stencils containing shapes for creating diagrams showing outlines and pinouts of chip packages. 1160 shapes in 79 stencils. Visio shapes for diagrams showing CMOS logic chips. 782 shapes in 68 stencils.

TTL logic chips for Visio

Microprocessor chips for Visio

Analog chips for Visio

Dataflow diagrams for Visio

Visio shapes for diagrams showing TTL logic chips. 755 shapes in 139 stencils. Visio shapes for diagrams showing microprocessor chips. 2587 shapes in 120 stencils. Visio shapes for diagrams showing analog integrated circuits. 993 shapes in 30 stencils. Visio shapes for creating Gane-Sarson and SSADM dataflow diagrams.

Value Stream Maps for Visio

Bowtie diagrams for Visio

Refrigeration diagrams for Visio

Grafcet diagrams for Visio

Visio shapes for creating Value Stream Map diagrams.
Visio shapes for creating Bowtie risk-analysis diagrams.
Visio shapes for creating refrigeration and air-conditioning diagrams. 61 shapes in 7 stencils.
Visio shapes for creating Grafcet (Sequential Function Chart) diagrams.

SDL/UML diagrams for Visio

Visio Super Utilities


Visio shapes and addon for creating SDL/MSC/UML/TTCN/URN diagrams.
Utilities and Tools for Visio.

Foreign language characters for any Windows program.

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