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Articles about Free Pascal/Lazarus

These articles are about Free Pascal/Lazarus.

Visio Development

Interfacing to Visio with Lazarus and Graham Wideman's code

What files to backup and archive

When you create a Free Pascal/Lazarus project you should also store all your files in some sort of backup, archive or source control system. But, what files should be stored away, not all, certainly.

  • bak - no - these are editor backups of your your pascal source files
  • compiled - no
  • exe - no - this is your compiled/linked executable file
  • frm - yes - these are your pascal forms
  • ico - yes - this should be the icon that you created somewhere
  • lfm - yes - Lazarus ForM
  • lpi - yes - Lazarus Project Information
  • lpr - yes - Lazarus PRoject
  • lrs - yes - Lazarus Resource
  • manifest - no - compiler generated
  • o - no - these are object files generated by the compiler
  • pas - yes - these are your pascal source files
  • pp - yes - pascal source file -
  • ppu - no - these are generated by the compiler


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