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Connected Shapes

The switch shapes in our electrical stencils for Visio each contains an action menu to open and close the switch. The actual way this is done internally depends upon the complexity of the switch and what seemed the best at the time, either multiple shapes within a group, then make these shapes visible/invisible depending on the switch state, or multiple shape geometry sections, making these sections visible or invisible; or, a third method, changing the coordinates of a shapes depending on the required switch state, this results in a simpler shape but it does complicate the calculations required, harder to get right and keep right.

Anyway, each switch shape has an Open/Close boolean variable that can be used to illustrate automation in Visio, so I've created a simple diagram with one master switch, plus a number of slave switches that will follow whatever open/close action is done on the master. This is done by setting the slave shapes' user-defined section cell User.Closed to the setting within the master switch cell Contactor!User.Closed

follow-me.vsd 1.0 5th June 2015 266kB Download now
This diagram will work with Visio 2003/2007/2010 and 2013.



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