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Commercial Site Licences*

With a software Commercial Site Licence, you can install our software on any number of computers at your business.

What is a commercial site?

We are fairly flexible about this: it might be one building, a whole sites or just one office. A different postal address or a separate building will normally require multiple commercial site licences, however, we are happy with one licence covering one department in two buildings. Please buy what you think is honest!

Benefits of our commercial site licencing

  • No licence management or use tracking is necessary. The software can be installed on any business-owned computer which resides on the site property.
  • Free updates for three years.
  • The licence does not expire.

What we deliver

  • For software that uses a registration key we supply one key which is valid on all of your computers.
  • For other software we provide a download that should be stored in safe place (CD or similar).
  • Email support is included to one site software administrator (we don't support your employees individually).

Before purchase

Please ensure that the software suits your requirements by initially purchasing a single licence.

* Licences = British English, Licenses = US English. Please treat the two as the same.

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