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Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.6.0.0Oct 2020 Hyperlink report/check - add output in Excel format
Analog chips V1.11.5Oct 2020 Added AD4000, AD4001, AD4003, AD4004, AD4005, AD4007, AD4020, AD4021, AD4022, AD7321, AD7322, AD7323, AD7324, AD7327, AD7328, AD7329 AD7680, AD7683, AD7684, AD7685, AD7686, AD7687, AD7688, AD7690, AD7691, AD7693, AD7694, AD7710, AD7714, AD7719, AD7730, AD7915, AD7916, AD7940, AD7942, AD7946, AD7980, AD7982, AD7983, AD7984, AD7988, AD7989 ADA4841, ADA4941, ADA7705, ADA7706, LTC1090, LTC1289, LTC1290, LTC1291, LTC1292, LTC1293, LTC1294, LTC1296, LTC1297
Analog chips V1.11.4Oct 2020 Added AD574, AD670, AD976, AD1674, AD5220, AD5263, AD5290, AD5291, AD5292, AD5293, AD9833, LTC1799, MAX457, MAX7375, MC33064, MC33164, MC34064, MC34164, SAE800, TDA5051, X9C102, X9C103, X9C104, X9C503
Electronics Packages V2.30Oct 2020 Added narrow DIP8
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.25.0Oct 2020 Stencil Report - added dialog box to allow custom reports.
Recent Stencils list - fixed bug in loading multiple stencils.
CMOS logic chips V1.19Oct 2020 Added 4000 series in SO and SSOP formats
CMOS logic chips V1.18Oct 2020 Added many more 74x1Gxx, 74x2Gxx and 74x3Gxx shapes
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.24.0Sep 2020 Recent Stencils list - added multi-select capability.
Recent Stencils list - added option to not show deleted stencils.
Electronics Packages V2.29Sept 2020 Added SOT1115, SOT833, SOT1089, SOT1116, SOT1203
Added 2725 passive
CMOS logic chips V1.17Sep 2020 Reorganised 74x1Gxx, 74x2Gxx, 74x3Gxx shapes
HVAC/refrigeration shapes V2.0.3Sep 2020 Added files suitable for use with Microsoft 365 Plan 1 Visio
Value Stream Mapping V1.11.1Sep 2020 Added files suitable for use with Microsoft 365 Plan 1 Visio
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.23.0Sep 2020 Added Page Compare and Page Properties Compare with any page in a different document
Dataflow Diagrams V2.33Sep 2020 Added files suitable for use with Microsoft 365 Plan 1 Visio
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.22.0Sep 2020 Store settings for Stencil Display in registry.
Visio Bow Tie shapes V2.23Sep 2020 Added shapes suitable for Microsoft 365 Online Visio Plan 1
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.21.0Sep 2020 Improvements to Document Compare.
Improvements to Stencil Illustration.
Go Sleepies for Windows V1.0.0Aug 2020 New product release.
HVAC/refrigeration shapes V2.0.3Aug 2020 Fixed shape name error in Valves stencils and Compressors and Pumps stencils.
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.20.0Jul 2020 Convert Annotation Comments to text boxes now works for Visio 2013/2016/2019
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.19.0Jul 2020 Improved Page/Shape Compare
Improved Document and Page copy
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.18.0Jul 2020 Added better detail in results output of Document/Page/Shape Compare
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.17.0Jul 2020 Added shape alignment with drawing page middle (vertical and horizontal)
VSTO Demo for Visio V1.0Jun 2020 New product released
Jun 2020 Signed all executable files and installers with new code-signing certificate
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.15.0Jun 2020 Added associated object information to document and page comments report
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.14.0May 2020 Improved Stencil Illustration for Visio 2016 and Visio 2019
Fixed problem with updating Most-Recent Stencils list
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.13.0May 2020 Add support for vssm format stencils in Bulk Stencil Conversion
Improved speed of Page Report and Stencil Report
Changed name of Text Export to Text Report
Fixed undo for Page Duplicate
Analog Chips V1.11.3May 2020 Added LM4871 and LT1764 shapes
Analog Chips V1.11.2May 2020 Corrected pinouts for LM158/258/358 DIP-8 shapes
Electronics Packages V2.28Apr 2020 Added MSOP-16 shape
Added more BGA shapes
Electronics Packages V2.27Apr 2020 Corrected MSOP-12 shape
Dataflow Diagrams V2.32Apr 2020 Changed Gane-Sarson and SSADM Process shape's menus for setting the shape ID and Name
Added Gane-Sarson Process shape's menus for setting ID text to left or middle
Quantum Computing V1.0Mar 2020 New product released
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.12.0Mar 2020 Fixed problem when checking for updates from server over https
Visio Super Utilities V3 V3.5.11.0Mar 2020 Added "Yes to All" and "No to All" options in Page Report questions
Improved stencil report
Improved Document List resizing
Improved Options dialog resizing
Fixed problem with code-signing certificate in installer file