Since 2001 I have designed and created over 10000 shapes for Visio. If you have a requirement for Visio shapes that are not met by the shapes already available then please ask me for assistance.

I can work with shapes and documents from Visio 2003 right up to the latest Visio 2019.

You may already have shapes but just need them to be updated and/or tidied up to work with the latest versions of Visio. Shape stencils can be packaged into installer files so you can distribute them to staff/customers.

Programming for Visio can be done in VBA (macros) but this is now old technology or C# to create Visio add-ons.

In the first instance send me a message outlining your requirements.

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We try to respond to all support request emails within one working day.


Some of my Visio shape customers

Edwards Alice Rationel-Stald Anode Training