How to Buy our Software

Why explain?

Some of you may be comfortable buying software online; others may need a few words on how to proceed. I hope these notes help. You can order by credit card, electronic funds transfer, bank debit, wire transfer, money order, PayPal, or via telephone, fax, or by post. The online purchase process normally takes just 5 to 10 minutes and is available 24 hours per day.

Determine what you want to buy

Make sure you know what software you are buying; some software products (electronic and electrical) can be bundled together to save money, these are shown on the initial order page; how many licences you need or whether you want a normal or an academic or commercial site licence.

All Orders

  1. Starting on the web page for the product you want just click on the appropriate BUY NOW button.
  2. You will find yourself on a secure order page at
  3. A quick note about PayProGlobal. PayProGlobal are our eCommerce partner who take payments for us. They are based in Toronto, Canada.
  4. Please notice the security and verified images for the various payment methods. You will also see that you are on a secure web page, the web page address starts with https instead of the usual http and your web browser should show the secure locked padlock icon showing you that the order process is secure.
  5. Check that you are on the correct buy page, the name of the product you wish to buy should be shown.

Getting Started

  1. You can select a different language and currency for the order process, please set these to suit.
  2. Select the software quantity you need to order.

Volume Discounts

If you order multiple licences at once then the following discounts apply:

Number of licences Discount Example price per licence
10% offUS$ 20
2 - 410% offUS$ 18
5 - 920% offUS$ 16
10 - 1940% offUS$ 12
20+50% offUS$ 10

Next step - Personal Information and Billing Address

Please enter your name, address, telephone and email address details, the phone number is needed in case telephone confirmation of the order is required. Incorrect details here could mean the order being rejected or you not receiving the software at the end of the buying process. Please don't be afraid of using your correct details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Payment Method

Please select your payment method, different payment methods will be visible in different countries. Selecting different payment types will change the type of information requested, i.e. for PayPal or credit card information.

Credit Card information

If you chose to pay by credit card then entering your credit card information should be a simple task. This is by far the quickest and easiest payment method.


You can pay using funds from your PayPal account; full instructions are given on the screen.

Wire Transfer

For larger orders you can use a Wire Transfer, full details are given on the screen, please ensure you use all the correct numbers! There will be an extra charge for the manual processing required with a wire transfer.


You may be more comfortable ordering by phone; full details are given on screen. There will be an extra charge for the manual processing required with ordering by phone.
Please do not phone us directly to place telephone orders; we do not take card details over the telephone.


Orders may be placed by FAX, just fill in the credit card details, print out the form and FAX to the number on the screen.

Money Order / Check / Cheque / Mail order credit card

Just fill in the form, print it out and post to PayProGlobal at the address given.

Local Bank Transfer

Fill in the account details, click the "Next" button, check the full bank details. The exact details are country dependant.

Confirm the purchase

Hopefully you have entered all your payment details and are ready to proceed, check the details of the order and click the "Submit" button.

Sale Confirmation

You will be taken to a screen showing the order has been completed, if there has been any problem with the order you will be told here.


You will now receive an email giving you your download details or registration key.

Resellers (Purchasing Agents or Value-Added Distributors)

We often get email requests from resellers and purchasing agents for prices, delivery times, response times, installation requests etc., sometimes even for $10 software! All the information is here on our website.

... If you are a reseller

All our prices are on our webpages; we cannot give better prices for a one-off purchase. If you wish to add our software to your catalogue then please contact us about becoming a sales partner. Software delivery information is on our Software Delivery page. If you purchase software on behalf of another organisation then you are responsible for forwarding download links or registration keys to your customer.

... If you want to use a reseller

Many organisations can/will not purchase software directly but always use a purchasing agent. If you are in this category then please ask your purchasing agent to read the section above.