Software Delivery Policy

Response Time

After you have purchased software from us we will always try to respond as soon as possible. Sometimes this can be within a couple of minutes (even at weekends!). Please bear in mind that occasionally payment notification emails can get delayed, either within our eCommerce providers but also within our or your own email systems.
Generally though you should receive your download information within minutes.

Emails in general

Please ensure that emails from and are not blocked.

Instant downloads

When you purchase software that is supplied as an instant download link the email containing the link will be sent out immediately.
We don't provide download insurance (I think this is a bit of a scam) nor do we provide the software on CD. Please make a master backup of your purchase (blank CDs/DVDs are cheap).

Registration keys

When you purchase software that uses a registration key (e.g. Diacrit, SDL or Visio Super Utilities) then a temporary registration key will be sent to the supplied email address immediately. We will create and email you a permanent registration key as soon as possible. This may be within a few minutes but should be within one working day. Please be patient if you place your order on a Friday afternoon! But don't worry, the temporary registration key is not going to time-out. However, please use the permanent registration key when you receive it.
The registration key email will be something like:

Many thanks for your purchase. Your registration key is

Copy and paste your registration key into the software at the appropriate menu (of course, the above example is not a working key!)
Please keep your registration key safe.